Preparing your home for Sale

5 effective and inexpensive ways to stage your home

Home stagingIt might seem extravagant for sellers to spend thousands of dollars staging their homes, yet properly staging a home is one of the most important steps in the selling process. The reason is that buyers need to see firsthand just how livable a house can be. A well-staged home lets them experience a home’s full potential.

Some sellers worry about the costs involved with having a professional staging company come in and stage their home. If you want to take a low-budget route, here are five cost-effective ways to make your home look its best.

Up your curb appeal — Never underestimate the power of first impressions. Along with cleaning up your yard, trimming the landscaping and adding a couple pots of flowers at the entryway, try painting your door. A bold red can get great results.

Pack up your personal belongings — Nothing makes a potential homeowner feel so intrusive and, thus, less at home, than seeing pictures of someone else’s family.

Get rid of all strange smells — Even if the smell is just a touch off, it can turn a potential buyer away. Use plug-in deodorizers, lightly scented candles and bowls of baking soda to absorb all offending smells.

Add more light — Install brighter light bulbs and keep the blinds open for showings. The more light, the better!

Ask for a second opinion — If you know someone who classifies themselves as a neat freak, ask them to come over and let loose. The smudges, dings and old stains that don’t bother you could easily affect someone else’s overall perception of the property.


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